Automation/Done for you FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

Typically, Amazon disburses payments to business owners bi-weekly. However, we have partnered with a payment service that offers the option of daily payouts should you prefer that route.

Post the initial onboarding process, which involves some essential information exchange, your involvement is largely minimal. Whether it's our private label or wholesale automation model, we aim for a hands-off experience for our clients at Sellerscourt.

Sellerscourt boasts a team with a cumulative experience of over 45 years. We've successfully launched hundreds of products across various business models and have managed numerous accounts for existing sellers. This extensive experience allows us to confidently navigate the market, ensuring effective strategies for your business.

Absolutely. Both business models present lucrative exit opportunities. Private label brands, in particular, have a track record of achieving substantial payouts, often reaching seven figures within a span of 3-4 years.

Every business venture comes with its risks, yet partnering with Sellerscourt significantly mitigates those risks, thanks to our vast experience and proven track record. We invite you to click the link to hear from our previous investors about their positive experiences.

Check Our Previous Investors

There are a few things we ask of our clients:
(1) An initial payment to join the program.
(2) Capital for inventory - You'll need funds for your first and second inventory purchases.
(3) A positive mindset - We value our working relationships and therefore, we're very selective about whom we partner with. We only collaborate with individuals we deem as the right fit for the Sellerscourt culture.

Rest assured, we provide weekly updates on your investment's sales performance. We believe in keeping our investors informed and engaged. In addition, we schedule bi-weekly calls to discuss our strategies and plans for the upcoming fortnight and beyond. This regular communication ensures you are always aware of the state of your investment and the next steps in our shared journey towards success

Our product selection process adheres to a well-established criterion that's been consistently successful with past clients. This involves detailed market and competitor analysis along with understanding consumer trends. We select products with high demand and good profit margins. Trust us to identify the most promising products for your private label or wholesale automation business, setting you on a path to success.